Radio Ready Pr Company Review

Radio Ready PR Review:

Working with Radio Ready has been great! I’ve been super happy with the process. Very responsive and helpful, absolutely! You know, as an artist, you know what you need to do, but not always how to do it, and you’ve been great with that stuff. The mastering came out beautifully, everything came together efficiently, and communication has been solid.

Christopher David



Radio Ready PR Review

Radio Ready PR Review:

These guys have been honest, straightforward and fair, not only in his assessment of how to propel our band to the next level, but also regarding his services he would be willing to provide. In a brief period, it has been a pleasure having Radio Ready PR handy as a reliable resource.

We’ve learned much, and have also had our own preexisting strategies reaffirmed by RRPR.

For a band to create music, videos, and a web presence takes a lot of work, and it would be foolish to not explore getting as much mileage out of them as possible. Radio Ready has helped us do that, and any budding band in a similar position ought to consider the same decision.  -Parks Landing

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Radio Ready PR

We start with a consultation with an artist rep.

This person listens to your singles, EP, or album and gives you suggestions for which singles to work with and why, along with what markets to go out to.

They will go over royalty collection for all formats of radio from college FM, to internet and satellite, to film & TV.

They can walk you through any registration with BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN, and more.

You’ll also go over music hosting sites, Google results, Pandora, digital distribution, and of course much more.

NEXT, we master the singles or entire album to get them nice and loud, clean, shined, and ready for radio.

Then we build you an E.P.K. and launch the campaign out to internet and college FM radio along with the review and blog sites.

The E.P.K. connects the radio stations with your music hosting sites, itunes, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and anything else you have out there.

Once the campaign is launched, you will have an account to log into to keep track of how it’s going. This will show you all the stations you’re going out to and who is picking the songs up or reviewing the singles.

Once we’ve got you all set with your performance rights registrations and you and the songs are protected, we can start working towards pitching for film & TV placement.

* Building a professional website is part of most plans. This would be a part of your plan as well.

Radio Ready PR Review:

Not even halfway out of the gate these guys have given me the platform of copywrited protection, media outlets (Spotify, iTunes, Google play and Amazon just to name a few) AND outsourcing of my music to a plethora of avenues but also the confidence and attitude to work as hard as they have in promoting myself like nobody has ever been able to before.

 This is not a plug NOR was I put up to creating an endorsement for them but advice from one musician to another weary on where to go next. My journey has just begun and far, far from over but having Radio Ready on speed dial and email for advice, planning and marketing practically 24/7 is the perfect asset you’ll need to take your music to the next level.

Plus with a life long commitment to helping you in every direction you want your music to go (no hidden fees or monthly retainers to surprise you) there’s such a breath of relief knowing at any given time a team or an agent is right there ready to assist WITH ANY request you need (like opening doors for you with promoters in a big city, increasing your download sales or maximizing your social media presence.) Radio Ready will work as hard for you as you’re willing to work for yourself, keep that in mind and you absolutely will not regret the best kept secret in marketing independent talent. 



This is a whole new experience for me and it’s the farthest my/our music has gone. Radio Ready has helped us a lot and opened our eyes to what really needs to be done.

Communication is awesome. Daily, they are quick to respond and is as persistent as we are. You can tell they want what’s best for the artists they work with and that takes strong communication, and you’ll find no lack of effort in that department from them.

This is the perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door and even more if you’re willing to put in your half of the work.

Ally Gold