Radio Ready PR Review

Radio Ready PR Review

This has been great! Very very easy to get a hold of and they are so nice and answer any questions we have had, at any time of the day. It has definitely been beneficial so far. We have an awesome PR Kit and fully mastered songs. We’ve even sent over additional work to be mastered and they just helped it out with us no super quickly!

We’ve learned like a thousand things that we never even knew about the industry. Registering songs with BMI, getting paid for performing live, how bands get to the radio and featured in movies, etc.

Also, the communication could not possibly be better. Any question I have at any time, is answered right away. Whether we contact through phone or email, there is never a doubt in our mind that we will be able to get our questions answered right away. – The Happy Yams

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Radio Ready PR Reviews

Radio Ready PR Company

Radio Ready PR Review

We have really been grateful to have Radio Ready PR on our side. They’ve helped to get the word out about us in markets that we had yet to tap in to and we feel like we have a lot more potential to gain both airplay and fans. The friendly people at Radio Ready also are extremely helpful and willing to answer just about any questions we can throw at them at the drop of a hat.

We look forward to continuing to work with Radio Ready PR. It takes pressure off of us to have their drive behind our music and we can put our focus more on the creative aspects of our careers.

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  • Radio Ready PR, Radio Ready PR Review, Radio Ready PR Reviews, Radio Ready PR Company

Radio Ready PR Company

Radio Ready PR Review:

This has been a really great and easy experience! I feel like I have all the help I could ask for and you guys are always available whether it be via email or phone, there’s always an answer very quickly and I really appreciate that! It’s been an overall great experience.

There are many many things that not only I learned through Radio Ready PR, but that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned about.

I feel like we’ve taken a lot of big steps forward, building a foundation for my music and it’ll only go farther from here. I’m excited for what the future holds, and I’m really feeling good about it! – Seth Little (Hello, I’m Sorry)


Radio Ready Pr Company