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 We start with a consultation with an artist rep.

This person listens to your singles, EP, or album and gives you suggestions for which singles to work with and why, along with what markets to go out to.

They will go over royalty collection for all formats of radio from college FM, to internet and satellite, to film & TV.

They can walk you through any registration with BMI, ASCAP, SOCAN, and more.

You’ll also go over music hosting sites, Google results, Pandora, digital distribution, and of course much more.

NEXT, we master the singles or entire album to get them nice and loud, clean, shined, and ready for radio.

Then we build you an E.P.K. and launch the campaign out to internet and college FM radio along with the review and blog sites.

The E.P.K. connects the radio stations with your music hosting sites, itunes, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and anything else you have out there.

Once the campaign is launched, you will have an account to log into to keep track of how it’s going. This will show you all the stations you’re going out to and who is picking the songs up or reviewing the singles.

Once we’ve got you all set with your performance rights registrations and you and the songs are protected, we can start working towards pitching for film & TV placement.

* Building a professional website is part of most plans. This would be a part of your plan as well.

Radio Ready PR Band Success!

Working with Radio Ready PR is one of the best moves we could’ve made as a band. They work to the best of their abilities to make your music heard. Right when we made the call, we knew we made the right choice, and they make their objectives known at the first encounter. We gained more insight from a one-hour phone call than we did in four years of being a band.

We recommend working with Radio Ready PR to any band who is genuinely concerned about making their music heard.

Radio Ready PR has helped us with getting featured in quite a few different indie music outlets, such as magazine articles and radio stations. They have also made a number of improvements to our website, all of which have made our content much more accessible. Between those endeavors and constant communication, they have been proving themselves more with every week that they’re dedicated to helping us achieve our objective to make our music heard by as many people as possible.

– Chaser

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Radio Ready PR Success

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